We want to contribute to a sustainable society for all, both here in Sweden and in the countries we manufacture our products. Being mindful of how we handle our resources and that we do not have a negative impact on the environment is important to us. We therefore carefully inspect the manufacturers of our products and ensure that their processes are in line with our and our customers’ values. Material selection, packaging and transport methods are also an important part of this.

You can read more in our Code of Conduct.

An important part of thinking sustainably is to make products whose function and quality enables them to be long-lasting, useful and a pleasure for the consumer. A product with a long life is a good investment for you, the customer!

CSR (Corporate Social Responsability)

Sustainability and a conscious responsibility for resources, processes and production are something our customers and end users are demanding more and more. Many of our customers have a clear policy for sustainability and CSR and therefore require their suppliers to place these requirements on campaign products, too.

We ensure that all our suppliers fulfil the requirements set out in our Code of Conduct by always carrying out an on-site inspection before starting the cooperation.

Since we produce and deliver a large number of products every year, it goes without saying that they comply with the laws in the EU as well as local regulations and requirements. This especially includes chemicals, which are regulated by the Reach regulation, in that we always ensure that RoHS is complied with and that we follow the latest SVHC list, which is updated yearly.