Looking for a uniquely designed campaign product?

To build up their brands, many of our customers work with ad agencies, communication agencies or other form of media agency. It can involve strategies, marketing plans and also campaigns via various channels. We help make products to boost the campaign. Products that give the consumer added value, reinforce an experience and give lasting pleasure.

Ask us to be a part of your campaign planning

Our strength is our creativity and extensive experience in manufacturing products linked to campaigns and brands. If you’ve got an idea, we can bring it to life. We will also act as an ideas bank and put forward suggestions to suit the brand.

We are your eyes in the world!

To keep up to date with what’s happening in fashion and what’s trending, we regularly visit various trade fairs every year. The largest is Canton in China, which – with approx. 25,000 exhibitors – has space for many exciting products and suppliers. We also work closely with our suppliers in a whole variety of product categories and can therefore produce exactly the product you’re after. We are actively involved and take responsibility at every step from idea to finished product since we have our own organisation in China who control the quality before delivery.