Publisher or mail order?

Reward, gift or webshop? We have produced ideas and supplied products to publishers and companies working in mail order sales since the start of 1986. The first creative challenge we face is finding the right products for the right context:

  • Rewards for their first purchase or for subscribing to the magazine
  • Gifts that can be enclosed in plastic and act as letter openers
  • Products that can be sold in a webshop.

Loyalty, experience and exclusivity

The second creative challenge is ensuring that the products are adapted to the target group and are contemporary in terms of trends, colours and patterns. The products we present and offer must:

  • Create loyalty
  • Create a positive experience for the recipient
  • Convey a sense of exclusivity and high value

Products, service and suppliers

For this customer category we present solutions consisting of:

  • Creativity and service
  • Beautiful, high-quality products
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Competitive prices

We are able to do this thanks to our many years of experience and our large supplier network – which is both wide and extensive. When it comes to the products, we analyse and follow trends in fashion, home furnishings and electronics so that our offerings stay ahead of the field.

Development of the supplier network

We are continuously developing our supplier network and our personnel on site in China to ensure that our partners work according to our guidelines on working conditions, environment and quality