Lunchboxes, exercise equipment and much more.


Our sports and fitness products cover a wide range from lunchboxes to exercise equipment. For example, these can be products that supplement something our customer already supplies, a lunchbox if the customer produces healthy food, a shaker if the customer produces dietary supplements etc. Part of our service to our customers is to regularly put forward suggestions for new products and new designs. We keep in regular contact with our suppliers and visit trade fairs to find out current trends. We are also able to source specific product wishes through our team based in China.

  • Sports products, fitness equipment, dumbbells, bands, weights etc.
  • Walking poles
  • Yoga equipment
  • Water bottles
  • Lunch-boxes/shakers
  • Storage belts for phones and valuables
  • Safety products e.g. hi-vis vests and belts
  • Electronics such as headphones, activity wrist bands, pedometers etc.


Imagine a lovely bath with a flickering scented candle to create the mood. Also, a bath brush, a lovely hand towel and a beautiful skin cream to round off a quiet moment of relaxation. We can produce all this either under your own brand or as brand-less products.

We have a whole range of products that focus on wellbeing and beauty.

  • Toiletries such as scrubbing mittens and electronic foot file.
  • Skincare/body care with or without a brand
  • Makeup
  • Hair accessories and brushes/combs
  • Hand towels/bath towels
  • Dressing gowns, slippers
  • Scented candles, incense sticks