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This means we keep ourselves up to date with trends in various areas. We visit trade fairs in Europe to keep an eye on what’s happening. We also visit trade fairs in China where existing and new suppliers exhibit their latest and best products. In practice this means that we can find fun, practical, attractive products for our customers locally in China.

The Canton Fair is the biggest in China where we can find anything from electronics to home furnishing. And soon, in October, it will be time for us to visit again to find just YOUR product. Contact us and tell us more about what you’re looking for.

Material trends


An important trend is natural material such as wood, stone, cork, paper and metals, which we can see both in fashion and home furnishing.


Cork is making a comeback! Cork and a thin material called cork textile is coming into fashion for home furnishings and can be used for e.g. bags, storage baskets and furnishings of various kinds. It is a trendy, environmentally-friendly material with several unique features: it is natural, soft, wear-resistant, sound-proofing, anti-static, naturally moisture- and dirt-repellent and has a low risk of allergy.

Cork is a renewable natural material, which is harvested from the trunk of the cork oak (Quercus suber), which grows in southern Europe and north Africa. The cork comes from the bark of the tree and can only be harvested every nine years. No damage is caused to the tree and the bark grows back naturally without the need for insecticides or fertilisers. Since cork can be harvested without felling the tree, this has a positive effect on the environment, as it conserves the trees, which can grow to a hundred years old, and the wildlife in these forests. Since cork is a renewable material, there is very little waste in production, making it a very environmentally-friendly alternative.

Washable paper

This fantastic and wear-resistant material is ideal for both home furnishings and fashion, since it can be dyed, moulded, printed and sewn together with various products to give a cool and modern look. It is, durable, wear-resistant and washable, making it perfect for storage, bags  etc.

Washable paper is made from natural cellulose fibres, a green and renewable resource. The material is made from paper, which undergoes a process to strengthen the fibres, resulting in a durable and sustainable surface. The result is a wear-resistant, tough, leather-like material.

Stone, wood, marble

The materials have been used for home furnishings for some time, but we have noticed that these materials are now being used for printed patterns on glass and plastic products. For example, we have seen lamps, kitchen scales and chopping boards with printed marble or wood patterns.

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