We love store campaigns – in fact, all types of campaigns!

We contribute to our customers’ success in store campaigns and store competitions by finding the right campaign product to suit the brand and strengthen competitiveness. It’s a challenge and we love that too!

A campaign is an important part of marketing and to achieve the desired results it is important that the product is right for the purpose and brand.

  • Are a part of a marketing plan
  • Involves an investment
  • Must increase sales
  • Build the brand
  • Take market share
  • Launch a new product

A Code of Conduct helps create a positive experience

Store campaigns are a challenge. It’s a question of catching the customers’ attention by offering something that is both in line with the brand and target group, but that also offers the consumer a product with real value that is useful and long-lasting. A product that mirrors the brand is an investment that lasts long after the campaign has ended.

It goes without saying that the products are made in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Sustainability and the environment are an important part of our work of producing campaign products, so we often present the products as:

  • useful
  • high quality
  • containing only approved raw materials
  • helping create a positive experience each time the product is used.
  • made by inspected suppliers who comply with our Code of Conduct.