Our service

We see ourselves as a company that provides both goods and services!

With the customer as our focus, we never lower our standards of service and quality.

Design and product development

We know how important it is to find the right product. We focus on designing proposals and looking for new, innovative products at trade fairs and among our suppliers. New products are created in close cooperation with our customers and with the support of our suppliers. You name it-we make it!

Sourcing and purchasing

Sourcing and purchasing directly in Asia requires expertise and experience. We supply products that we have imported directly, giving our customers the best possible price.

With our broad supplier base and our own team locally in China, we are also able to act as an external support to the customer’s purchasing department.

Quality control/QA Factory

We have our own process when it comes to assuring the quality of our suppliers. All new suppliers must complete a document with their details, which we then assess. At the next stage we inspect the site, looking at a wide range of aspects and ensuring that all the requirements set out in our Code of Conduct are met.

For us it is important that we have our own personnel on site for the quality work. We know then that they are always available, that they are aware of our and our customers’ requirements and can deliver the necessary service.

Quality control/QA Product

Our production takes place over a number of stages to ensure that our customers get what they’ve ordered and are happy with their delivery. A production sample is always sent for approval before production starts. We also always conduct a final inspection with AQL samples depending on the size of the order. Once everything has been approved by our inspector, the order is released for delivery.

Legal compliance

Every product has its own specific laws and regulations that it has to comply with. Some products must also be tested or labelled to be imported into Europe and sold or distributed. We ensure that the products always comply with the laws and EU regulations. Our customers can rest assured that we are responsible for the products we deliver!


If the product doesn’t arrive on time, the campaign fails! We have worked with direct imports for 30 years, accumulating experience and knowledge of how to plan the fastest and optimum transportation, handling documents  and customs. Besides which, we work with several competent cooperation haulage partners who help us always give our customers the best service and lowest costs.


We can help create customised solutions for warehousing, deliveries and co-packing of different products, as well as setting up webshops together with our customers and our partners.

We can also organise the dispatch of products for prize competition campaigns.

We find new solutions!

Shop solutions

We can help produce displays to optimally promote campaign products in store.

If the products are already mounted on racks, it makes the work of the customer’s staff and the shop owner easier. Signs and other campaign material can also be supplied together with the products.