Quality control/QA Product

Every product that is designed and manufactured undergoes a check to ensure that the end result is in line with the customer’s wishes and specification. This means that we are actively involved during the development and production stages to ensure that the product meets requirements, whether it’s the selection of materials, printing process or packing method etc. For every order, we send a production sample to the customer for approval. A sample is also sent to our quality control for reference. When the customer is happy and gives their approval, production starts. Depending on the size of the order, product samples undergo the AQL process during the inspection stage. We also always carry out a final inspection before delivery. Our customers can therefore rest assured that the products in their delivery comply with their required specification.


  • Product manufacture, optimised for function and quality of the end product
  • Production sample sent to the customer for approval
  • Reference sample sent to our local quality team
  • Production control based on AQL
  • Final inspection before delivery
  • Reference sample saved from every production order